Welcome! On my site you can see two new series of mixed media collages, TOWN AND TREES and SAFAR, as well as work I''ve made both recently and over many years.

TOWN AND TREES is a purely abstract series of collages, monoprints and oils inspired by trees and forest. The SAFAR series is about history in the widest sense, a theme which has informed my work for many years, and still does. Some pieces are inspired by personal and family history, but I also research artefacts, motifs and symbols from all over the world for works in oil and mixed media which reflect many cultures, most especially the Middle East.

The logo above, which appears throughout the site, says "Poll", my name in Persian. I learned some years ago that it means "bridge" and I have taken it as my signature to reflect the idea of bridging centuries and cultures, using colour, tone and texture to evoke distance in time as well as space. I have been studying this rich and refined language for several years; its linguistic connection with my name seemed to me a magical pointer to an imagined route taken by my ancestors across time and terrain as they wove their way through the centuries from the biblical Middle East first to Belarus, and thence to London.

Much of my work has sprung from my desire to place myself into this chain of history, a theme on which I continue to work at present alongside work inspired by quite different themes. Some of these, abstract and semi-abstract, also owe something to this engagement - obsession, even! - with history. I hope you will enjoy browsing my site - the icons link to each series; enlargements for my 2 new series, SAFAR and TOWN & TREES, can be seen on my Facebook Page via the Facebook icon below






I hope you will enjoy the variety of images on my site. It reflects developments and explorations in my style, media and subject matter over the years, as well as the experiences and researches which continue to inspire me in my life as a working artist. Please feel free to email me with your comments or to enquire about purchasing a piece.